• Orange, lemon or citron grained peels
  • Orange, lemon or citron peels covered with plain chocolate
  • Orange, lemon or citron peels covered with white chocolate
  • Cup-shaped candied citron
  • Candied green, red and yellow zuccata
    (made from pumkin)
  • Fruit: pears, cherries, mandarin oranges, clementine oranges, oranges
  • Dried prickly pears
  • Passuluna sicchi (dried figs)
  • Mostarda of grape must
  • Mostarda of prickly pears
  • Cotognata (quince marmelade)
  • Mastazzola ‘co vinu cotttu e ficu sicchi
    (biscuits filled with cooked wine and dried figs)
  • Passuluna studded with almonds, walnuts
    and pistachios
  • Bronte pistachio cream
  • Crunchy flaky pastries with Bronte pistachio
  • Crunchy flaky pastries with Avola almonds
  • Crunchy flaky pastries with Etna hazelnuts
  • Almonds “cuore di Avola”
  • Bronte natural peeled pistachio
  • Avola raw, toasted almond
  • Pistachio pastry dough
  • Almond pastry dough
  • Etna hazelnut pastry dough
  • Agnelli pasquali di pastareale
    (Easter marzipan lambs)
  • Cuddure ccu l’ovu (bread with the shape
    of a doughnut, decorated with an egg)
  • Viscotta da ‘za monaca (biscuits with
    flour, sugar, butter and milk)
  • Neapolitan pastry